Legends of American Sailing - by Gary Jobson

The concept to write this book has been on my mind for the past decade. The narrative is an overview of the lives and careers of the 50 top sailors who have contributed to the sport of sailing. In addition to the text, we included stunning portraits and sailing images that help tell their story. There are many common denominators among these sailors. For example, all of them have excelled at the highest levels of the sport. Most have given back with their creative innovations and service. Each sailor has exhibited a lifetime of outstanding sportsmanship that serves as inspiration for everyone who spends time on the water. Many of these sailors also experienced some kind of adversity early in their lives, and eventually found a way to overcome their problems to attain what I call greatness.

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to interview all of these sailors and use their own words in these essays for future generations. Every dollar from the sale of Legends of American Sailing benefits the National Sailing Hall of Fame.

~ Gary Jobson